Tell Me a Story

Time required
5-10 minutes or as long as your child wants to play.
None, unless needed as a prompt.
How to Play
You start by telling a story. Keep it short and simple so that your child can model what you did. After you finish the story, ask your child to tell you one. Telling stories is a great way for kids to use their imagination and practice speaking.
Some Tips
Have a few objects available that could form the base for the story (books, toys, stuffed animals).
Make it Easier
Instead of a story, ask them to teach or explain something to you, “Can you teach me how brush my teeth?”
Make it Harder
Ask your child to tell you a story about something specific, “Tell me a story about a time when Teddy Bear was really happy”. Suggest using different voices for different people/characters in the story.
Adapted from American Speech-Language-Hearing Association