Going on a Rhyme Hunt

Time required
Can last from a couple minutes to much longer depending on how many times you and your child want to play.
How to Play
Let your child know that you are going on a rhyme hunt! Walk around your house and pick an object like a sock. For example, “I see a sock! Can you think of a word that rhymes with sock?” An example might be clock or dock.
Some Tips
You can go on a rhyme hunt around your house, outside, or even in places like the grocery store! Don’t be surprised if your child makes up their own funny words to try and rhyme with objects. Try to keep a good balance between real words and silly ones to keep things fun!
Make it Easier
Start with objects/words that are short and will have more rhyming options for your child to pick from. For example, the word bat is simple and will have many rhyming partners like hat, mat and cat.
Make it Harder
Try picking objects/words that are longer and will make your child have to think about things to rhyme. For example, spoon is a little bit longer and can rhyme with moon and loon.
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