0-5 minutes
Time required
10-15 minutes
A variety of small toys and objects or pictures of objects or animals, paper bags or sacks, markers.
How to Play
Label two or three bags with two or three different letters of the alphabet, choosing three letters that sound differently. Collect small items or pictures that begin with each letter. For example, B for banana, boat, bell, block, baby. Put the items or pictures in a pile. Show the child your different bags. Talk about the letter that appears on each bag and the sound that each letter makes. Pick up each item and describe it. Have the child decide which bag the item should go in.
Some Tips
Create different alpha bags as you introduce new letters.
Make it Easier
Use objects and pictures with short and familiar words.
Make it Harder
Do not describe the item to your child; let the child decide where it should go by themselves.
Communication, Language and Literacy for 48 to 52 months. (2017)