0-5 minutes
Time required
5-10 minutes
Cars and blocks or other toys.
How to Play
Name and demonstrate different directions (forward, back, up, down) and spatial relationships (under and over, in front and behind, etc.) using your child's toys. Ask your child to tell you how to build a tower by using directions. You can also play with toys or cards asking your child to direct where they go.
Some Tips
Take turns with your child and give them directions!
Make it Easier
You start by building and describing what you are doing. "I will put this block in front of the other one." Then ask them to help direct. "I want to make the tower taller, where should I put my next block?"
Make it Harder
Before building the tower, ask them what type of tower they want to build (e.g., tall, wide) and then plan the structure (a tall tower will need many blocks on top of each other).
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