Roll, Bounce, Catch

Time required
5-10 minutes or as long as your child wants to play.
One ball
How to Play
Sit across from your child on the floor, with your feet outstretched and touching your child’s feet. Try rolling the ball back and forth between your legs, encouraging your child to catch the ball before it touches their body.
Some Tips
Experiment using different size balls and different environments. If outdoors, bumps in the grass will encourage your child to react if the ball changes direction.
Make it Easier
Use a bigger ball that will be easy for your child to grasp with two hands.
Make it Harder
Try moving farther apart from your child so they have to use more effort in rolling the ball. You can progress to trying to throw the ball with one bounce between you and having your child try to catch it in the air. Try pushing and catching the ball with one hand only if two becomes too easy.
Adapted from Maximum Engagement in Games and Activities (Mega Document), The Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence, 2013.