Animal Friends

Time required
5-10 minutes or as long as your child wants to play.
How to Play
This game can be played either indoors or outdoors. With your child, pick an animal that you want to imitate. You could flap your arms like a bird while flying around the backyard, hop on all fours like a frog from lily pad to lily pad (i.e., cushion to cushion or pillow to pillow on the floor), or get down on your hands and knees pretending to walk like a cat while saying, “meow”.
Some Tips
Start with animals that would be familiar like a cat, dog or bird.
Make it Easier
Demonstrate what each animal movement and sound might look like before inviting your child to try it with you.
Make it Harder
Ask your child to come up with a new animal and create a noise that they think that animal makes. As a parent you can suggest animals that your child may not be as familiar with, and talk about what their abilities to move around are. Have fun with it!
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