Balance Challenge

Time required
Roughly 5-10 minutes, but cycle of stations can be repeated many times
Photos or props depending on the theme (e.g., vegetables, clothing, animals).
How to Play

Challenge your child's control and balance by creating four stations with different balance activities.

Station 1: Light as a Feather: Balance a medium-sized feather on body parts such as fingers, nose, elbow.

Station 2: Bench Balance: With supervision, while holding their hand, have your child travel across a bench in different ways. Such as, walking forward or walking with their feet sideways along the bench.

Station 3: Mat Run: Do the log roll or other activities such as hoping from mat to mat.

Station 4: Beanbag Walk: Ask your child to balance a beanbag on different body parts while following a marked windy path.

Some Tips
Create a storyline for the game. For example, they are a frog that needs to complete different balancing acts on each lily pad they visit.
Make it Easier
Assist your child during each balance activity
Make it Harder
Provide less support when balancing, encourage your child to balance for as long as they can.