Bubble Chase

Time required
5-10 minutes or as long as your child wants to play.
Bubble soap and wand, outdoor space to run around in
How to Play
Using the bubble wand and soap, blow bubbles into the air and encourage your child to chase and try and catch them as they float through the air. Your toddler will be thrilled when they are able to pop a bubble between their hands!
Some Tips
This game would be best played outside in a backyard, or a park where your child has some space to run! The wind will add an extra element as the bubbles move through the air. If you are trying to make your own bubble solution, try using one cup of water, 2 tablespoons of dish soap and 1 teaspoon of corn syrup.
Make it Easier
If your child is having trouble catching the bubbles with two hands, simply encourage them to poke or try and touch a bubble with one hand. Take turns with your toddler trying to blow bubbles while you run to catch them.
Make it Harder
Try blowing the bubbles up into the air and encourage your child to jump to catch them. This will help develop not only motor skills but also their hand-eye coordination. You could also encourage your child to try jumping on the bubbles as they hit the ground quickly before they pop!
Adapted from https://activeforlife.com/activities