Lava Floor!

5 Setup
Time required
10 minutes
Tape and coloured paper. (Can use other materials instead).
How to Play
Tape coloured paper to the floor. Pretend that the floor is lava and have your child jump from paper to paper without touching the floor. Turn on music and encourage them to "freeze" when you turn off the music.
Some Tips
Try to clear off a large space in a room to make sure your child doesn't run into anything like a table or slips on toys.
Make it Easier
Make the spots your child can land, large and square or rectangles.
Make it Harder
Make the spots your child can land on different sizes and shapes (e.g., triangle). You can also call out a colour and encourage your child to jump only to that paper of that colour.
Adapted from The Chicago Therapeutic Preschool (2017).