Copy Cat

Time required
5-10 minutes
How to Play
Start by finding an open space where you can move freely. Face each other and tell your child that you are the “movement leader”. Explain that you will move your body and they must try to copy the movements. As you move around, your child will copy you. After your child has imitated you for a few minutes, let your child be the movement leader. Try different basic movements like hopping, jumping, spinning, skipping, and running on the spot.
Some Tips
Try different movement themes – the movement leader can imagine they are a hockey player, a firefighter, or their favourite superhero. For the first few tries, stand facing your child with a small space between you. After a couple movements, increase the distance between you and your child. Encourage leadership skills by allowing your child to act as the movement leader first!
Make it Easier
Start with simple movements that your child is already capable of doing. Slow your movements down.
Make it Harder
Try difficult movements that your child has some trouble completing. Increase the speed of your movement.
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