Bathtub Swimmer

Time required
15 minutes
Bathtub, Water
How to Play
During bath time, encourage your toddler to splash in the water by kicking their legs. Have your toddler kick as they sit in the bathtub. (Support their head if necessary) Encourage your toddler to splash with their hands by pushing the water with their hands as paddles.
Some Tips
Always remain with your child while they are in the bathtub. You can engage your child in the activity by telling a story that uses certain movements. For example, you can say “Oh no, the ducky is needs some help ! Quick, he needs your superhero paddling power to the rescue!”
Make it Easier
Help your child with the movements by guiding their hands and feet.
Make it Harder
Have your child complete multiple movements together (i.e. paddling hands and feet)
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