Beautiful Box

0-5 minutes
Time required
10 minutes
Cardboard box, tape, coloured paper, safety scissor, markers, and other craft supplies.
How to Play
Give your child markers, paper cut outs, and glue to draw and paste onto the box. You can start with a theme, such as under the sea, and encourage her to elaborate on that topic by drawing fish, boats and beach balls. Using a variety of tools will foster fine motor skills by doing different activities with their hands (cutting, pasting, organizing a design).
Some Tips
Engage your child in a discussion as you’re decorating the box together.
Make it Easier
You start with a partially decorated box and then ask your child to add a few more elements.
Make it Harder
Bring out more materials to use such as clay, stickers, glitter, or foam cut-outs to decorate the box.
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