What I Like About You

Time required
5-10 minutes
One ball. Works best with a group of children/people.
How to Play
Sit in a circle. Have one child roll the ball to another child. The child that rolls the ball, will be asked to say something nice about the child that they rolled the ball to. Continue playing for a few rounds, encouraging all kids to be included.
Some Tips
Talk about focusing on behaviour rather than how they look or what they have, “I like that you shared your car with me”, instead of, “I like your remote-control car”.
Make it Easier
You can start by saying something positive and then have your child follow next: “I like the way that Ava makes room at the table for everyone, what are other nice things that she has done”.
Make it Harder
Have your child start with something that they like about themselves and then the other person.
Adapted from http://csefel.vanderbilt.edu/modules/module2/script.pdf