Musical Feelings Bag

Draw or cut out pictures of different feelings or scenes that evoke different emotions (e.g. picture of a present or birthday cake). Create 10-15 cards and place into the bag.
Time required
15 minutes
Bag (or box), picture cards with feeling faces or scenes on them, music
How to Play
Have children sit in a group. While music is playing, have children pass the bag from one person to the next. When the music stops, the child holding the bag picks out a card and says what is on it. Ask them to talk about how the picture makes them feel and why. Continue playing until each child has had a turn.
Some Tips
Vary the time that the music is on to build excitement. Have a variety of scenes in the bag and encourage kids to listen to each other. For scenes or emotions that are related to more difficult feelings like sad or mad, reinforce that everyone feels that way sometimes.
Make it Easier
Use a smaller number of cards and include familiar feelings or scenes.
Make it Harder
Include more complex emotions, such as confused, worried, or upset. Begin to talk about how these emotions can be handled by asking, “What are some things you could do when you feel upset?”
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