Popsicle Stick Expressions

0-5 minutes
Time required
10 minutes
Popsicle sticks, construction paper, markers, scissors, tape or glue.
How to Play
Draw or cut out simple pictures of faces that show happy, sad, excited, or silly expressions. Glue them to a popsicle stick. Let your child act out with the popsicle sticks according to the different feelings of each character.
Some Tips
When reading a book or watching a movie, you and your child can talk about the feelings the characters are experiencing.
Make it Easier
Create a few as examples and then ask your child to come up with other examples. Start with easier emotions such as happy and sad.
Make it Harder
Have your child play with the popsicle sticks with a sibling or friend. Act out feelings together so that they see a range of different ways that feelings can be expressed. Ask the children to respond to how the other child is feeling.
Adapted from Ages & Stages Questionnaires: Social-Emotional, Second Edition (ASQ:SE-2). Social Emotional Activities for Young Children 48 Months Old. Squires, Bricker & Twombly (2015)