Doctor's Office

0-3 minutes
Time required
10 minutes
Props for creating a doctor's office (i.e. toy doctor kits with stethoscopes, needles, bandages etc; white shirts for doctors' jackets; blankets; scale; measuring chart; magazines). Stuffed animals and/or dolls.
How to Play
Encourage your child to use the materials to care for the stuffed animal. Join in your child's play. Pretend to have a patient with a tummy ache. Let her/him take care of you. Pretend to be a doctor and use phrases and terms that a doctor might use, like, "Say 'ahhh'" or "You have healthy reflexes." This will help your child to use these words as she plays.
Some Tips
When playing with friends and using the doctor's office props, your child can have the opportunity to practice being gentle and also to use words that show care and concern for his/her friends.
Make it Easier
Start by taking the role of the doctor to provide examples of how doctors care for others.
Make it Harder
Have your child play with a sibling or friend.
Doctor's Office. Comfort, Play & Teach. Infant Mental Health Promotion.