Make a Friend Train!

0-5 minutes
Time required
15-20 minutes
Cardboard boxes, paint, crayons, markers.
How to Play
Have several boxes for the child and her/his playmates to make a train together. Have the children decorate the boxes and put them together like a train. When finished, have the children fill the train with stuffed animals and push them around the room.
Some Tips
Talk about sharing while the children are building and decorating the train. Talk about different ways they can share and work together. For example, taking turns with markers and waiting their turn if a friend is using it. Provide specific comments about when children share or wait their turn. Ask them how it makes them feel when they have to wait to use the object they want.
Make it Easier
Focus on one part of working together and sharing (e.g., turn taking) or each choosing and decorating a different box.
Make it Harder
Have the children work more cooperatively. For example, decorate a box together, discuss and decide how they are going to decorate it.
Social and Emotional Development Activity for 54 to 60 months. (2017)