Measure, Pour, Play

Time required
10 minutes or however long your child wishes to play.
Uncooked rice, multiple containers (i.e., bowls, measuring cups, Tupperware) and spoons.
How to Play
Pour the uncooked rice into a large container. Provide additional containers and measuring cups for your child to use. Let them explore pouring the rice into different containers, stirring it with a spoon and pretending to cook a meal.
Some Tips
If you think your child will put the rice in their mouth, you could try using corn flour or rice puff cereal.
Make it Easier
Make suggestions for your child including pouring and mixing. After a brief demonstration, allow your child the space to explore with their new materials.
Make it Harder
Challenge your child to see which container could hold more or less rice than another. Have your child see how many times they can empty a smaller container into a larger one.
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