A Tracing Adventure

Time required
As long your child wishes to play!
Paper, pencils and/or crayons, containers or objects which can be traced.
How to Play
Place an object on the paper and demonstrate tracing around the bottom of objects with a pencil or crayon. After, allow your child to pick different shapes to trace around. Colour the shapes to create original art.
Some Tips
Use different objects like cups, containers, or even cookie cutters to create different types of shapes.
Make it Easier
Pick simple objects like cups, and hold your child’s hand as you trace around the objects together. Once they understand the concept, let them explore!
Make it Harder
Before your child traces, ask about what shape you think the object will make after being traced. Use words like larger and smaller, or thinner and thicker to describe the shapes. Talk about different types of shapes like circles, squares and rectangles.
Adapted from: Department of Education. (2013). Northern Territory Learning Games®. Darwin, NT: Department of Education.