Can You Spot It?: I Spy With My Little Eye

Time required
Can last from a couple minutes to much longer depending on how many times you and your child want to play.
How to Play
Looking at everyday objects in your environment (e.g., your living room, the park or playground, the city bus) describe an object and give your child hints about an object. Then ask your child to spot it (e.g., "I spy with my little eye something that is BLUE. Can you find it?"). Then have your child spy an object and give clues to you to find it.
Some Tips
Start with easy object right in front of your child so they can understand the game.
Make it Easier
Give your child more clues to describe the object (e.g., "The blue object that I spy with my little eye is fluffy and tall and on the table").
Make it Harder
Describe objects that are farther away or smaller.
Adapted from Great Start: Department of Education and Child Development, South Australia