Visual Scavenger Hunt

0-2 minutes
Time required
5-10 minutes
How to Play
Looking at everyday objects in your environment. In your home you can talk about your child's toys, at the grocery store you can talk about the different food/food boxes. Ask your child to find objects of different colours and shapes. For example, "Can you find something that is an orange circle?" for an orange.
Some Tips
Start by picking items that are easy for her/him to find. These will be things that are nearby, at her/his eye level, larger things, or things that are familiar to her/him.
Make it Easier
Pick a small group of things for your child to pick from. In the store, this can be the items in your cart. You can also start by only asking about colour OR shape. For example, "What one is red?" or "What one is a circle?"
Make it Harder
Expand your search so your child needs to look around for the different objects. You can ask for more detail about the objects. For example, "a small white box". Have your child spy an object and give you clues to find it.
Adapted from South Australia, Department of Education and Child Development