Map It!

0-2 minutes
Time required
10-15 minutes
Paper, crayons
How to Play
Ask your child about their favourite places and talk about what makes this place so great. Using paper and crayons, ask your child to draw a map to their favourite place. Your child might like to make simple maps of your neighbourhood or the way to a friend’s house.
Some Tips
Take your child on a walk or a drive to help them draw out the destination on their map. Encourage your child to draw out places they see on the way, for example a restaurant or their school.
Make it Easier
Start with short and familiar distances. For example, they could map areas in your home. You could ask them to draw how to get from their bedroom to the basement, or the basement to the garage.
Make it Harder
Encourage your child to draw out far and less familiar distances. Think about the route to their grandparents’ house, soccer practice, or places they have read or heard about.
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