Three-Word Challenge

0-2 minutes
Time required
5-10 minutes
Objects in the environment (i.e. home)
How to Play
Take turns picking out an object. This can be in a play environment or in a natural environment. For example, if you are eating with your child, think of three words that describe something on the table “My plate is heavy, round, and white”. Then ask your child to describe something as well. Take turns going back and forth.
Some Tips
Start with some of your child’s favourite toys or items as this will encourage their participation.
Make it Easier
If your child is having trouble describing an item using three words, ask them to describe one detail and you can help with the others.
Make it Harder
Ask your child to describe the item using more than three words. After you describe the item you chose in three words, you can ask your child to add one more word to describe the same item.
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