Super Stars

2-5 minutes
Time required
5-10 minutes
Yellow or white construction paper, markers, scissors, glue, pictures, stickers to decorate (optional)
How to Play
Draw and cut out multiple stars and write family members, teachers, and/or friend’s names on different stars. After putting the completed stars in a container (i.e., a grocery bag or box), shake the container, and pull out one of the stars. Read the name on the star and say one thing you like about this person, and then ask your child to say one thing they like about this person. For example: “Annie. I like the way your sister Annie helps me water the plants” then say “Now you tell me something you like about your sister Annie”. Your child might say, “I like it when she plays with me”.
Some Tips
Try focusing on the positives, but if your child points out something they do not like about the person, let them express how they feel and discuss how this could be managed (i.e. ‘yes, it’s frustrating when your sister takes your toys, let’s figure out what we can do when this happens…).
Make it Easier
If your child is having trouble thinking about what they like about the individual, help them out by saying another example that relates to your child and the individual. For example, “I like that daddy takes you to swimming classes. Do you like that?”
Make it Harder
Instead of first saying the name, have your child guess the name on the star. Ask your child to guess who you are talking about when you mention what you like about the person. Change roles and then guess who your child is talking about when they pick a star. For example, “I like when this person helps me take the garbage out.” Your child will might answer with someone who usually completes that chore.
Adapted from Star of the Day. Best Beginnings, Alaska Early Childhood Development.