Making Faces

0-5 minutes
Time required
10 minutes
Markers and construction paper
How to Play
Draw and cut out faces that show different feelings with your child, such as angry, sad and happy. Encourage the child to use the faces to tell you how she is feeling. You can also use these faces to describe how characters in books and movies are feeling.
Some Tips
Instead of drawing faces, you can cut out different parts of faces, eyebrows, eyes, and mouth to show different emotions. Your child can then put the different features together to show different emotions. Use recent or memorable examples when you talk about times when you or your child might feel different emotions. Such as "when you gave me a hug this morning, I felt happy" or "I was excited when we went on the ferris wheel at the fair".
Make it Easier
Talk very simply about your own feelings as examples.
Make it Harder
Introduce words for feelings such as: disappointed, hurt, thrilled, excited.
Adapted from South Australia, Department of Education and Child Development