Make Believe

0-5 minutes
Time required
10-15 minutes
Some props may be useful and your imagination!
How to Play
Create a make believe scenario for your child of different regular routines in your house. This can be cooking supper, or dressing a baby (doll) using toys. While playing, tie in different emotions that may be related to the activity.
Some Tips
You can create a couple scenarios and let your child choose which one they want to play. You can also start by demonstrating so the child understands the game. Describe what you are doing, "I think he is hungry and would like supper, what do you think?" Or copy your child and follow their lead. For example, when your child is pretending to feed the teddy bear, copy them with another teddy bear, and say “My teddy is happy because they are eating a yummy apple”. Then your child may copy or say, “This teddy likes honey”.
Make it Easier
Start with simple scenarios that involve one activity (e.g., dressing or eating).
Make it Harder
Have your child try many different scenarios and create their own. Ask your child to describe what they are doing. Include other children to build social skills and reading other's behaviour.
Adapted from Masi, D., & Leiderman, D. (2005). The Parent's Guide to Play (1st ed. p. 280). Toronto, ON: Key Porter Book Limited