Alike or Different? Do these belong together?

Time required
Can last from a couple minutes to much longer
None needed, but some materials like pictures from children’s books might be helpful.
How to Play
Name an object and describe how it is similar to some objects and different to others. For example: "A spoon does not belong with a carrot and tomato because you can't eat it and it is not a vegetable". Start with familiar objects such as parts of the body or food items.
Some Tips
It is helpful to have the objects or pictures of the objects you are talking about when playing. Explain what usually belongs in a category and what some of the characteristics of that category are (e.g., fruits are things that we eat and they grow on plants or trees) before starting the game.
Make it Easier
Start with familiar objects and smaller groups.
Make it Harder
Have your child pick some of the objects in a group for you to name.
American Speech Language Association: Activities to Encourage Speech and Language Development