What’s Missing?

A small place to lay out the toys/objects
Time required
10 minutes
6-10 objects
How to Play
Put out 5-6 toys or objects and have your child look at them. Ask them to turn away while you hide one of them. Have them guess which one is missing. Do this for a few rounds while you change the toy that you are hiding.
Some Tips
Take turns hiding the toy so that your child has a chance to “trick’ you too.
Make it Easier
Start with fewer toys or more familiar toys.
Make it Harder
Increase the number of objects/toys that you start with or include toys that are more similar to each other (e.g., two toy cars that only differ in colour or size).
Adapted from https://pages.uoregon.edu/asqstudy/asq/LearningActivities/Learning%20Activities.pdf