0-2 minutes
Time required
10 minutes
Matched cards. You can use playing cards, make or buy your own. A pack of cards will have 52 cards or 26 pairs. You can buy or stick your own pictures on an old pack of playing cards.
How to Play
Place the cards face down into rows that form a square or rectangle shape. Take turns with your child turning over two of the cards. If they are a pair, the player removes them and has another turn. If they are not a pair, the next player has a turn. At the end of the game, the player with most pairs wins.
Some Tips
When it is your turn, flip the cards over in a pattern. For example, start at the top right edge and work down the first row. Tell your child what you are doing to teach them memory tips.
Make it Easier
Use fewer pairs of cards for younger children.
Make it Harder
Set a time limit for finding the most number of pairs.
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