Coloured Hula-Hoops

0-3 minutes
Time required
10 minutes
Coloured hula-hoops (one for each child playing).
How to Play
Place the hula-hoops on the floor, one for each child. Have each child stand in one hoop. Pick one colour as the "hot" hoop by saying "Red hoops are hot!" Any child standing in a red hoop jumps out and joins another child in a different coloured hoop.
Some Tips
Place an emphasis on children jumping off of two feet and landing on two feet when they jump out of the hoops. Ensure everyone is a winner!
Make it Easier
Place the hula-hoops close together.
Make it Harder
After the first round, move the hula-hoops further apart.
Physical Health, Well-Being, and Movement Skills Activity for 54 to 60 months (2017) Best Beginnings- Alaska's Early Childhood Investment.