Bean Bag Toss

5-10 minutes
Time required
10 minutes
Construction paper, tape, and a marker
How to Play
Make six squares by folding a piece of construction paper. On each square, write a number (1 to 6). Cut the square and tape each piece of paper on a step (1 on the lowest, 6 on the highest step). Have your child stand in front of the stairs and throw bean bags (or rolled up socks) on the stairs.
Some Tips
If you don’t have stairs, you can use other things as targets (e.g., hula-hoop) with objects that are farther away getting more points.
Make it Easier
Have your child start closer to the stairs or objects.
Make it Harder
Have your child stand further away and try different types of throws (underhand and overhand). Demonstrate the first few times you try a new type of throw.
Bean Bag Toss on the Stairs to Learn Numbers | Hands On As We Grow.