Red Light, Purple Light

Time required
Can last from a couple minutes to much longer depending on how many times you and your child want to play.
2 circles cut from different coloured construction paper
How to Play
Before you play with your child, start by cutting out two large circles, from two different colours of construction paper. Stand an appropriate distance from your child (i.e., 10m). Begin with saying which colour paper means stop, and which colour paper means go. As you hold up the go paper, your child can move towards you through, walking, running or crawling (don’t be afraid to get creative with the movements!). When you hold up the other piece of paper, your child must stop their forward movement. Continue this pattern with different amounts of time and lengths until your child reaches where you are standing.
Some Tips
When you first begin, your child might need to be reminded which colour means stop, and which colour means go. This activity can also be completed with a group of children.
Make it Easier
Start with construction paper circles in the typical green for "Go" and red for "Stop" colours. You may want to also say the words "Stop" and "Go" while you hold up the pieces of paper to reinforce the movement wanted, or you could write the words on the pieces of paper.
Make it Harder
Try using construction paper colours that are atypical. For example, you could use orange for "Go" and purple for "Stop." You could also use different shapes of paper for the go motion. For example, a square would mean move slowly whereas a circle would mean move fast!
Adapted from ‘Tominey S. & Mcclelland M., (2011). Red Light, Purple Light: Findings From a Randomized Trial Using Circle Time Games to Improve Behavioral Self-Regulation in Preschool. Education and Early Development, 22(3): 489-519.