Play, Care, Share

Time required
5–10 minutes, can be done during other activities
Craft items to share, such as crayons, markers, glue etc.
How to Play
Give your child different objects, such as crayons, markers, coloured paper, sparkly glue and ask your child to divide the supplies in multiple piles for several people to use. Model how you would share with others. For example, once your child starts drawing and colouring, ask them, "May I use some of your...". Observe their reaction, and reply by saying, "Thank you for sharing your... with me". Ensure your child takes turns, sharing the supplies with you.
Some Tips
This can be done with various items, including toys, snacks and books. Snack time can also be used to encourage sharing. Remain positive when sharing becomes difficult, and model how to act.
Make it Easier
Begin asking only once or twice to share item.
Make it Harder
Ask to share many items and/or more often. Include more people so that each person gets fewer items.
Adapted from: Government of Western Australia Department of Health: Child Development (2-3 years). (Note: This resource discusses how children can sometimes be reluctant to share at this age, and encourages games that promote sharing and cooperation.)