Theme Weeks

Time required
This is a weekly activity that requires only a bit of time per day (~15 minutes), but more time can be spent if possible
Photos or props depending on the theme (e.g., vegetables, clothing, animals).
How to Play
To increase the number of words your child knows and can use when talking with others, choose a THEME for the week and refer back to it each day by introducing new words and helping your child understand word meaning. Use pictures or photographs and help your child connect the words to the real-life objects or people.
Some Tips
You can make up your own themes or follow the themes being used in daycare or a school program. Involve family members, and make sure everyone knows the theme of the week. Choose a book about the theme that can be read and re-read over the week.
Make it Easier
Introducing fewer words.
Make it Harder
Introducing more words and longer words. Use new words in sentences.